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Please note that this is just a few examples. The theme is fully customizable by Google Font API and colors.

Gallery features

Showoff features a very modern and extremely powerful gallery system. You can read all about the features below.

Supports single-images, image slideshows and video (Vimeo & YouTube)

With the gallery you can show off just about anything, whether it being a picture, a series of pictures or even video. It is extremely easy to create projects with the wanted media type – you just choose the media when creating the project. Also, when your visitor hover one of the projects in the gallery, you can instantly tell what kind of media it is.



Check out an example of an image-based gallery project: Project example




Check out an example of an slideshow-based gallery project: Project example




Check out an example of an Vimeo-based gallery project: Project example




Check out an example of an YouTube-based gallery project: Project example


Integrated Like system

With the like system, your visitor can show their love to your projects, simply by clicking the heart, this will make the counter go up. This is a great way for you to see which of your work your users like the most.

AJAX-based loading system (both manuel & continuous scroll)

The gallery features an AJAX-based loading system, meaning the entire page don’t have to be reloaded when your visitor wants to see more of your projects. Furthermore there is two different modes for the loading: the manual loading, as seen on the the gallery page right now, as well as a continuous scroll mode, where whenever you scroll to the bottom of the projects – more will automatically load.